Speechless Mind

Speechless mind is a state of mind which may be attained only after a subsequent and repeated practice. Mind never speaks out, but it is the only driving force to let you speak. It holds the contents in the form of thoughts, which turn into your speech. Even if you are alone, it goes on calculating continuously. If you control your mind, you are speech is controlled and if your mind is uncontrolled your speech too is uncontrolled. But the player is mind. That’s why I have written in my previous blog “Guide your mind“. A guided mind is a controlled mind, disciplined mind and thoughtful mind.

Now the mind is free from all the negativities and manipulations. That means your whole energy now converges in the upward direction, towards the positive direction. The mind if is full of negativity, your soul instinct will continuously resist it to attain positivity and hence the mind won’t find a peaceful state. When negativities exist, our basic positivity will try to nullify it and hence the result will be a zero, in values. We won’t get anything except failures. So the mind should be free from negativities. For that a sustained positive environment should be created with vibrant radiations. Negativities move out speechless and positivity quietly compensate their positions in your mind, in the same way as the darkness of night disappears as soon as the sun rays touch the horizon. A kind of displacement reaction; displacement of negativity with positivity, displacement of fearfulness with fearlessness, displacement of darkness with light, displacement of weakness with strength, displacement of mortality with immortality.

Same way the speaking mind is a mindful of mixed thoughts, positive or negative. Now when the mind is guided, it paves your path upwards, towards positive horizon. Undoubtedly you should be lighter and lighter, without carrying the burdens of negative or stressful thoughts.

In due course we automatically start trimming more and more thoughts, when we move upwards to turn our self lighter.

Slowly we attain a state or a position when the mind turns speechless. A speechless mind is a calm, cool, patient and still mind. Hence, is in a meditative stage. So a speechless mind is a mind, that is established in a state of meditation. Once this state is attained, you need not to practice meditation; instead you are in a state of permanent meditation. You keep on meditating effortlessly while eating, sleeping, working ,moving and in gatherings.

Meditative assemblies do not make you learn meditation. You yourself are the guide to your state of attaining meditation. If you want to achieve it, start practicing a speechless mind. A speechless mind transforms itself into a meditative mind and hence attains the state of ultimate blissful meditation. So a speechless mind makes your personality and aura to speak out soulful speeches where no words are involved. Bring yourself in a state of “Speechless Mind“.



Queen Madalsa


“You are pure, enlightened, and spotless. Leave the illusion of the world and wake up from this deep slumber of Delusion.” – Madalsa

According to Markandeya Puraan (Markandeya Puraan is one of the 18 puraans written by sage Vyasa), Queen Madalsa (मदालसा) was a great, spiritually inclined, highly educated, learned and enlightened woman. She was a great mother and an extraordinary educator. She possessed both beauty and intellect. History speaks that Madalsa’s children were the first to enhance the supreme consciousness and hence became the first sanyasis (renunciants) and yogi (spiritualist).

She was the daughter of the king of Gandharvas named Visvavasu. She was married to the son of Satrujit, named Ritudhvaja (also KuvalayAswa). During their marriage, Madalsa made a bond to king that upto 5 years of their children’s birth, no one would interrupt her in educating and upbringing her sons. The king agreed to it. The couple gave birth to four sons. When the children were in her womb she used to take specific herbs every month and continued till her all three trimesters. She started preaching her children with holy hymns in her womb itself before their birth.


When the first child was born he was named Vikrant( Brave and powerful)by the father king.When the baby was in the cradle mother Madalsa used to sing a lullaby of Jnana(knowledge) which is a set of nine shlokas to calm down the crying baby. This is known as the Madalsa Upakhyan. The child grew up with the words of wisdom and spiritual knowledge and transformed into a young Prince. But he was not at all passionate about the kingdom, instead was interested to move out into the forest to perform a severe penance to clean the path of Salvation. He was allowed to move on to his desired path by the king.

When the second child was born, the king named him Subahu (strong, beautiful and powerful armed ). Madalasa brought her up in the same way, as the first child. She kept him illuminating with pure awakening wisdom and knowledge.He too was not interested in worldly pleasure and moved out in forests for salvation.

When the third child was born, the king name him Shatrumardan( Conqueror of the enemies). During the naming ceremony mother Madalasa could not stop laughing at the name and at her level she was surprised to the king how he could name his sons with such names. The third child was also brought up in, the same way as the previous two.

The king was deeply saddened and constantly worried about his sons giving up the reigns of the Kingdom. So he requested his queen to preach the fourth child in such a way that he takes up his Kingdom and bring it to the utmost fame and prosperity and not to preach the fourth child in the previous manner.

She gave birth to the fourth son and named him Alarka (mad dog). She hummed the song of bravery and valor to transform him into a great king. The king asked the queen, the reason behind naming him so. The queen laughed and quoted as- ” the name is for the sake of communication only, which has been coined by the mortals. The omnipresent is beyond names and forms. By which name can we address him”. So you don’t be happy that you have chosen meaningful names of your three sons.

Yadi samvyavharartham asannamma prakalpyate, Namni kasmaat alarkhye nairarthyam bhavto matam“.

Vyavhar (communication) is illusion. So we can call this model body made up of five elements , namely, (Earth, Sky, Water, Air and Fire) by any name. So if you think I have named the prince “Alarka”, with a meaningless name, you have misunderstood actually. If everything is meaningless in this world, let it be too so. This was the Vedant taught by an Indian queen to his king.

Alarka was taught Raj Dharm( How to rule with might and justice), Varnashram Dharma( how to treat all the sectors of society), Grihstha Dharma( how to keep a family and it’s tree prosperous, wealthy and happy), Nithya Naimittika Shraddha Dharma, Paarvana Shraddha Dharma, Prashastapratishtha, Sadachar varnan, Varjyavarjya by his mother Madalasa, who made her a righteous, mightious, warrior and intellectual king.

As the Indian Kings did, Ritudhwaj too retired from his Kingdom and moved out to forest (Vaanprastha) to perform the penance and clean the path of Salvation. Queen Madalasa too joined her. But before moving out, she gave her son a ring, in which was hidden a piece of advice in the form of minute letters inscripted in it. The advice was,” if you are not capable to perform , then move out of the society. If you are not able to do this also, then join the sadhus(renunciant), whose company will bring your life on the path of ultimate bliss and salvation. thus he became an erudite scholar, brave warrior and a great ruler. Thus Queen Madalasa has impressed the entire world, as a women of unbound intelligence, and in the entire Indian Vedant society as Yogini( a woman proficient in Yog) and a Brahmavadini mother.




Screenshot_20200726-223755_ChromeConfidence is not an attire, not a precious rare piece of jewellery, neither a makeup nor a thing which can be bought and learnt in a scheduled class. Confidence is that attitude which not only defines you, not only strengthens you but also develops that aura of positivity which helps you to pave up your path always in a right direction. But the question arises both the positive and negative characters exhibit confidence at almost equal level. They confront each other and stand opposite in their regular wars.

World’s biggest war was fought in Kurukshetra in Bharat, the story for it’s reason lies in the longest epic of the world MAHABHARAT”. If we go through “BHAGVADGITA”, it describes all the details in 18 chapters as 18 days live text into it. Pandavas and Kauravas where cousin brothers, but when they confronted each other on war floor Pandavas were not even one tenth in number than the Kauravas. But the only thing that was possessed by them was truthfulness, that’s why Lord Krishna stood beside them, though both were friendly and relatives to him. Pandavas were fighting for justice and it is said that यतो धर्मः स्ततो विजयः ; where there is Dharma (truth & justice) there is victory. Only this attitude of being truthful, urge for justice, a strong protest against injustice, continuous abrasion with the wrong, brought a power in the Pandavas which not only made them to stand against Kauravas but also to win the most glorious historical war ever fought. This power is what we call the confidence. No matter where you are? What are the contrast situations? Who is standing with you? How will you fight? Only thing that matters is, how truthful you are?

Screenshot_20200726-223317_ChromeNow again the grey shade arises to speak out -“I am not wrong”.

Just see that is it bringing a ray of hope, happiness, peace for the needy? Does it wipe tears of the underprivileged? Does it bring justice for which the majority has been waiting since long long way? If yes, step forward with the positive attitude to win what we call as CONFIDENCE.

In day to day life, we battle almost every day at home, at workplace, in society and sometimes with ourself. Battle with ourself is the toughest one which always should have a pre- declared result to win. That is what we call CONFIDENCE.

We learn how to develop, how to grow our confidence. But we have seen innumerable cases where the most ideal characters have lost their confidence and ultimately their most precious possession, their life. This definitely indicates confidence doesn’t stay always even if it has been developed by a renowned trainer or a coach.

This means again, it needs the soulful content for a concurrent supply of divine energy and that is possible only when the person owes a positive vibrant shade. When you are full of positivity then only you can attain a positive confidence and you need to stick to it, Otherwise you will turn manipulative, cunning, calculative. There may be hurdles on your path, show bizz attracting you, flashes to distract you. No matter, move ahead, hold your head high and walk forward with grace and confidence. There is always a divine energy supporting you at your back. Materials may be less, you may lose some fun, frolic and entertainment in your life; but your values will add the real diamonds in your crown.

Confidence I must say is worn by the real fighters, real warriors and real winners .When you wear your confidence, wear it with grace, gratitude, self-esteem and continuous urge to share, to give, to donate, to fulfill. When you wear your confidence, be conscious no one snatches it, defies it or disgraces it. You should wear your confidence as a loyalty, as a responsibility, as a declared Victor.

Screenshot_20200722-204612_ChromeWear your confidence as your soul wears your body. Don’t forget if you loose your confidence you may lose this body; which I have already discussed is the temple of your soul.

Wear your confidence because you are the most powerful creature on the planet, Wear your confidence because you are the most beautiful creation of God, Wear your confidence because you are the most important happening that could happen in this world, and just wear your confidence because you have to let many more to search and wear their confidence and hence the Caravan moves on and on and on…..





Mind is that important material part of your life which if not controlled by you, will control you. It’s not an organ that you may dissect and reform. It’s an important essence of your life which turns your thought process in to a set called mind-set. After knowing you thoroughly people learn and interpret your future steps correctly. Because after the development of your mind it follows a path or a direction. The energy form may be positive or negative, but the energy level is equal on a scale, irrespective of the form. The only difference is that one is constructive and the another one is destructive. This is actually responsible for defining and drawing your personality and character. Personality and character are the either phases of the coin, both are complementary to each other. A positive personality or a positive character actually bears a positive mindset and vice versa. And the mind is actually called the “Guided mind”.

A guided mind hears you, follows you and helps you to convert all your thoughts into action. Once it starts hearing you, you become a disciplined and balance personality. It establishes a mode of communication with you. It asks you before doing anything, whether it’s wrong or right; suggest you when you are puzzled or in a state of illusion and follows your every law and order.


But this state is attained after a long toiling and harsh exposures or else in a very refined and defined environment with no ifs and no buts. For a common man it’s a task of hard work. Continuous efforts are needed in a pattern such that the mind may not slip out of your fist.

If you fear of failing, your mind will follow it and start your energy make flowing in that particular direction. If you think of winning confidently, an essence of enthusiasm and bravery flows down your veins and promotes your winning. You Can Win only when you want to win and guide your mind to do so.

If you guide your mind- I can’t ;I won’t be able to do so; I can do everything except this; it will definitely follow it and you may not win.


In general the Horses and elephants of a king or not always on the war floors, but are being trained always. Similarly you should either guide your mind to ask always, “WHAT NEXT ?” before it completes the ongoing task; or to relax it, enjoy the happiness and peace of enchantments. It rejuvenates and regenerates the cells of mind and brings your mind in a state of confidence and contentment. Mind should be guided in a way that it enjoys your presence and company otherwise, it will always drag you down in comparison with others, unhealthy competition and unsatisfaction. It should be your follower, not other’s. Remember that your mind will follow you only if it is guided by you, so, GUIDE YOUR MIND.


Wonderful plant – Wood apple (bael)


Botanical name – Aegle marmelos L.

Common name – Bael, Bale,Bel, Golden apple, Stone Apple , Japanese bitter orange, Bilva(Sanskrit)

Family – Rutaceae

Appearance – It is a citrus tree of 40- 50 feet height, with short thick trunk, trifoliate leaves, and spines .

Availability – Plant is found freely in planes of Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Srilanka, Tamilnadu, Thailand, Malaysia etc.

Ancient Religious belief- In Hinduism, it is a sacred tree with sacrificial importance, never used as fire wood. This tree’s description finds place in Atharvaved (Vedas are the oldest scripts of the world) , Skanda Purana, Brihaddharma Purana, Agni Purana, Padma Purana, Brahma Purana (पुराण), Latareya Brahman, Shatapatha Brahman.

The trifoliate leaves symbolically represent three gunas- Sat( soul, intellect), Raj( Mind, emotions), Tam( Physical, Material), Also Brahma (creator), Vishnu (Nurturer), Mahesh (Destroyer). If it is kept over the head of a person suffering from negativity, it absorbs it and hence helpful in attaining liberation. Manifestation of positive energy from the leaves is wonderful.

Chemical constituents – tannins, feronia gum, flavonoids, aegelin, beta carotene, coumarins

Nutritional facts – Fat 0.2 -0.4 grams( 1/2 gms/ 100 gms), Carbohydrates 28 to 32 grams, Protein 1.8- 2.6 grams ,Water- 55 to 62% ,Sugar, fibre, calcium, Phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Iron, Vitamin A, B,C, Riboflavin etc.


Parts used– leaves, fruits-aromatic ripe or half ripe of 5 to 12 cm with woody shell and fibrous yellow pulp, sometimes whole plant

Wonderful treatments

• very powerful blood purifying agent eliminates toxins( natural detoxifying agent)

• prevents kidney and liver dysfunction

• fights infections

• skin diseases common in monsoon

• reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases

•boost immunity

• instant energy

• builds and repairs damaged tissues and muscles

• powerhouse of Vitamin C

• fights chronic diseases

• reduces risk of high blood pressure

• asthma

• diarrhoea

• blood sugar

• laxatives (anti constipative)

• Anti diabetic (controls blood sugar

• fibre rich (Creates bulk, promotes effective cleansing of intestine)

• so gut friendly

• weight loss

• tonic for heart and brain

• antifungal

• anthelmintics (expels parasites from the body)

• coolant

• hydrates body

• Anti inflammatory

• Arrests secretion of blood

• Prevents and cures scurvy

• Strengthens stomach and promotes its action

• leaves form coating on the stomach mucosa and heals ulcer

• Due to high tannins treats cholera

• Controls lipid profiles and triglycerides

• Reduces blood cholesterol level

• Dietary supplement for weight loss

• removes toxin

• antifungal

• antiviral

• very powerful blood purifying agent natural detoxifying agent

• builds repair damaged tissues and and muscles


leaf extracts can have strong impact on male fertility, inhibiting the creation and mobility of sperm , May lower blood sugar levels. stop use after two weeks before scheduled surgery, may cause stomach upset.


pregnant and lactating mothers should consult an expert before consumption

AVOID – Bruised fruit, fruits with signs of mould

Religious belief – It is a sacred trees of Hindus. In Sri Suktam of Rigved it has been told that Goddess Lakshmi of wealth and prosperity resides in this plant. In the Hindu month Saawan(July-August) it is offered to Shivling the oldest available religious diety in world praised by Hindus.



Know your 7 chakras

In the last blog I had explained how a human body is superlative than any other living being, though all of them possess a soul within.

Hereby I am starting with a series of  KNOW YOURSELF… Part 1 

Today we will know seven super stations of energy within our body, which makes a human strong, willful, pious, mystic and strengthens our receptors to receive unlimited, unbound, unspelled energy from the cosmic world which may turn us into a superhuman, exactly like we were made.

In our body there are energy sacs known as Pranamaya kosh (प्राणमय कोष), vital energy centres. In these sacs there are 72000 Nadis (नाड़ी). A nadi never means a nerve, vein or artery nor can it be found physiologically in the body. But still they exist and have 114 chakras (चक्र) at their major meeting points. Out of them 108 chakras are active. Chakra means a wheel, but these chakras in body are of triangular shape. They are the controller of our body. Out of these 108 chakras, 7 are the main chakras and are of predominant importance in Yogic Sciences (YOGA). Not only these.. they are also responsible to pave our path to the mystic world. This also leads us to renunciation and liberation, and connects us to the Supernatural powers if we are guided properly, either by self or a Guru, the guide.

Let’s start with the details of 7 Chakras…

1. Muladhaar (मूलाधार) Chakra/ Root Chakra/ Foundation Chakra- According to metaphysics, the colour of this Chakra is bright red. Physiologically, it is at the centre of our anal and genital points. It is related with our genital parts, excretory areas, lower limbs. It’s major qualities are food and sleep limitations, exactly like animal, also known as animal behaviour. It is blocked by fear, insecurity, instability, past life’s bitter experiences etc. To heal it, we need to surrender all these negative factors and flow down our fears.

It’s beej(seed) mantra is” LAM”, to be enchanted.

2. Swaadhishthana( स्वाधिष्ठान) chakra/ Sacral chakra– The colour of this chakra is orange. It is located 2 inches below the navel, just above the genital organ. It is related to our urinary and sexual parts, lower areas of kidney. It’s major qualities are to be pleasure seekar, entertainment lover, highly reactive, excessive emotional and the worries. It is blocked by guilt and non- forgiveness. To heal it we need to be guilt- free and forgive everyone, no grudges at all.

It’s beej mantra is “VAM” , to be enchanted.

3. Manipur(मणिपुर) Chakra/ Solar plexus Chakra/ Fire Chakra- This is of yellow colour. It is located just above the naval. It is related with our digestive organs at our back side, kidneys, and connected areas. It gives social ability, interpersonal skills, confidence and above all will power. It deals with.. how receptive we are ??..even after the presence or getting of things, in our surroundings. It turns our intention to be a doer, thus bringing us ego. It is blocked by shame and gastric problems. If it is blocked, one will be non- expressive, non- presentive, with lack of confidence. To heal it we should come out of the shell of shame and improve our interpersonal relationships and communication skills.

It’s beej mantra is “RAMM”.

4. Anaahat(अनाहत) Chakra/ Heart chakra– This chakra is of green colour. It is located exactly in between the chest. It is related to our hearts, lungs, respiratory areas. It binds our body, mind and Soul. It develops the ability of expression, reaction, hope, trust, sensation, outlook, our creative centres of dancing, painting, singing, artistry, to give and receive love, codependency. It is blocked by grief, sadness, loss and one feels low, depressed and ditched, valueless, worthless. To heal it a positive attitude, thought and surrounding is necessary.

It’s beej mantra is “YAM”.

5. Vishuddhi( विशुद्धि) Chakra/ Throat Chakra- It is light blue in colour. It is located near the throat. It is related with our throat region, vocal chords, pharynx, larynx, trachea. It deals with truth, presentations, voice, survival instincts and sense of being powerful. It is blocked by lie. One will be non- expressive with speech disability, stutter or dysphrasia. It is healed by making positive sounds during sunrise at sea shores or simply by chanting “Om”.The person needs acceptance and compassion.

It’s beej mantra is “HAM”.

6. Aagya(आज्ञा) Chakra/ Light Chakra/ Third eye– It is Indigo in colour. It is located in our forehead, just between the eyebrows, slightly above where Hindus apply Tilak aur bindi( a dot of vermillion). It is connected to various parts of brain and eyes .It deals with insight, intuitions,intellect, collective- consciousness, clear and sharp vision towards things, connection to supernatural world, subconscious brain. It is blocked by dreams, illusions, and may cause mental problems. It is healed by peaceful and serene surroundings and wider outlook.

It’s beej mantra is “Om”.

7. Sahastraara( सहस्रार) / Crown Chakra- It is voilet in colour. It is at the top of our head, inactive in most of the people. It is not inside the body. It deals with realisation, liberation, renunciation, ecstatic, mystic and cosmic energy, connection with God. It is blocked by materialistic attachments, which leads to depression, negativity, loss of happiness. It can be healed by serenity, Yoga, meditation, enchantments of spiritual hymns etc.

Knowing ourselves is more than knowing this Universe….

Are you a pious soul ?

20200704_233859” An immortal idol – soul in your body temple.”

Your belongings, my possessions, your property, my rights, your luxuries, my share, your house, my land…. These are some things, everyday we start with either in thoughts or in conversations. But we never are versed with the fact that today or anyday is our last day… not only this, no one knows that the coming moment is going to be the last for anyone. Over and above all, whatever has been gathered under a piece of roof – either by hard work, dedication, sweat, brain or by being cunning, calculative, power and pride- is not allowed to carry along with, even as a trace of our earnings. Every material has to be left for others.

Then a question arises – Why did we come to the world ?, From where did we come and where have we to go ? If body is left here, then what was it which made it mobile and mortal? The answer is SOUL.

You are you, only till the soul resides in the body given to you. Once it travels further, body is of no use to it. Soul is made up of five matters Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air and finally has to be mingled within the same with respect, once the soul has left it out.

20200704_233817Now again a question arises – How to treat our body and our soul ? This question arises in an intermediate matter known as mind. You can say – Body is a chariot drawn by the horses of mind and the soul makes a control over the direction to be travelled. As soon as the control is lost, mind drags you in a direction where you find a zone of comfort, fun, entertainment and superficiality.

So we have to consider ourselves as a soul more than a body and a mind. A blissful soul, a powerful soul, a happy and an enlightened soul. This soul has been allowed to recide in a human body rather than animals, insects and other lower organisms at cellular level. A human body is considered to be the best out of any other bodies in the world because it is blessed with wisdom and intellect.

20200704_233750Your surroundings matter a lot while creating your Aura. Aura develops only on the purification and rectification of soul. A pious soul is humble, innocent, lovable, cheerful and full of energy just like an innocent child. It’s presence brings smile and happiness on your face and tenderness in your heart.

The body (and mind) hence should be free from worldly grits like unhealthy competence, cruelty, being cunning, calculative mindship, being unnecessary possessive and above all, the pride of being a doer. Our food habits, surroundings, thought process, feelings of being a powerful soul will help us greatly in developing our Aura, which won’t allow any negativity to enter us. The body hence is a temple where a powerful immortal source of energy resides as an idol, the soul.

When the time (of purification) is done, soul will leave it and travel to join further the eternal and supreme source of energy – God or according will find another body as rebirth. But our sages have taught us the methods of renunciation and purification, which is our ultimate goal of life. Life is a journey and achieving Moksha is the destination where the travel ends. So start your journey with conscience today without delay and with utmost love and care. 🙂

What is Mental Health ?

Out of four important aspects – spiritual, physical, mental and social of a personality or character, mental aspect attributes to the gross mental health and hence affects the overall personality. The Spiritual aspect face the mind must be like horse of a Chariot. It should be controlled by the charioteer and should travel according to his will. “You win if mind wins and you lose if your mind loses”. मन के हारे हार है मन के जीते जीत.

The physical aspect says healthy mind stays only in a healthy body. Body gets energy from the type and quality of food you feed to it. Out of three ‘guns’ Sat ,Raj and Tam; Sat should be the gun or quality your food should owe. What you eat or drink should be definitely vibrated positively.

The social aspects, in the present days , matter is basically with the relations regarding materialistic approaches. It deals with the material graph. Success and satisfaction are totally dependent on it ,and hence an absolute mental failure.

Mental health is what keeps you lightened with connection of Supreme Power. An uninterrupted supply of energy and confidence lets you stand stable in both success and failure as the either faces of coin in your fist. Your mental ability is so vast and wide that in majority it remains undiscovered. But still you should be the ruler of your mind. Mind should not dominate you via dominating your ability and thoughts.

Let success and failure come in life, one after another. Everything is temporary and not going to last forever, just like day and night .Success brings confidence and failure gives you energy to fight even better. Failure definitely gives you a lesson and lets you know about your loopholes, where you may not fall in your future wars. It also helps you to change your style and approach towards your goal.

Now the question arises, what is the best feed for your mental health?

The best feed starts straight from YOU. You are the nearest to it. It resides in you, not you in it .Yoga, Pranayam, meditation, happy pleasant family, energetic friends, relatives and people who are appreciative to you, a regular visit to any divine place of your choice, a light, healthy and nutritious diet in surely a good mood ,your precious memories and future forecasts, your strong tendency to move on and on over all of your better experiences.

Life is a journey not a destination. You have to move on every day, every moment with all your energy, efficiency, motivations, confidence, strength without being stuck to it. Remember,”Darker is the night brighter is the morning.”

The Magical Power of Appreciation

Lord Kriskna, the charioteer of Arjun in the battle of Kurukshetra (Mahabharat) constantly praised, horrified Arjun because he gave up just before the war was about to start. On seeing his relatives and a huge army in the battle field, he almost lost his confidence at all levels. Krishna continuously made him to believe in himself and his inner powers. Though pandavas were very less in in number, but they could win the battle. It was just an appreciation that made Arjun not only to get up but also to win the war.
On the other hand Shalya (maternal uncle of Nakul and Sahadev, also the king of Madra) was the charioteer of Karna who was not less than Arjun in any aspect instead held a chance to defeat Arjun. Shalya constantly depriciated Karna and reminded him of his short comings. Also, uninterruptedly appriciated Pandavas. His last moment depreciation made Karna to lose the war while he was using Nagastra.
Same place, same time, even the same mother but one won the war due to appreciation and the other lost due to lack of appreciation.

Yes, appreciation is that booster and rejuvinator, which can fill life to a lifeless, make a dumb to debate, make a deaf to create symphonies, make a lame to hoist a flag on Everest, and what not !

Appreciation is that positive vibration force, which allows one to think and do beyond his/her thought, capacity and fact. Yes, it really changes the mere dull facts into twinkling, glittering, shining miracles. There are numerous stories, facts, incidents thet tell us about the important role that appreciation plays in our lives.
Everybody lives a life whether simple, normal or special, appreciation gives positive aim and direction to life. If it is soulful by the giver and taker, it turns into dedication definitely. And, dedication is that essence which adds meaning to our lives. It helps us to draw away from selfishness, misery and being conservative.

Appreciation fills us with positivity, power and confidence. It turns us soulful and blissful, as we too always try to give the best and bring the best out of our surroundings and the people living in it. Appreciation also helps us with faith, truthfulness and confidence in us. It helps us to trust and appreciate others and thus helps us in expanding our horizons and making the world a better place to live in.



Miraculous herb – GILOY (Tinospora Cordifolia)

It is a traditional, very popular, versatile and a safe medical herb of great belief.
It’s the actual money plant which has to be planted in every house that wants to be converted into home. It is said that Chanakya (Kautilya), the father of Economics (350-295 BCE) used to keep the Giloy stem in his stick (dand). In his book “Neetishastra” he has mentioned it as the best medicine ever. Father of Ayurveda, Charak (100 to 200 BCE) has written in his world famous book “Charak – samhita” that Giloy is a powerful rejuvenator in Indian Ayurvedic literature. It is a tonic, immunomodulator, memory booster, promotes mental clarity, develops intelligence and so on.
Let’s start with it’s description :
~ Botanical name – Tinospora cordifolia
~ Family – Monospermaceae
~ Common names – Giloy, Guduchi, Gudmar, Gurbael, Gulancha, Madhuparni, Amrita, Ambervel, Jwarari, Rasayni, Heart leaved moonseed.
~ General description – extensively spreading, bright green shrub with coiling and climbing branches with heart shaped leaves of less than a palm size.
~ Availability – Indian subcontinent, China, Myanmar, Srilanka, etc.
~ Parts used – roots, stems, leaves.
~ Chemical constituents – leaves (very good source of protein about 11%, calcium, phosphorus), alkaloids, glycosides, terpenoids, steroids, phenolics, polysaccharides, etc.

Used in curing /Uses :

• Pyrexia(fever)
• Hay fever
• Gout fever
• Dengue
• Diabeties
• Reduces increased blood sugar level
• Hypolipidemic
• Reduces increased fat level
• weight loss (in 1-2 months)
• Anticholesteremic (controls increased cholestrol level)
• Antistress
• Nasal disorders
• Asthama
• Chronic cough
• Antitoxic
• Eye problems
• Redness in eyes
• Burning sensation in eyes
• Improves vision clarity
• Tonic
• Improves kidney function
• Nephrotoxicity (kidney disorders)
• Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety)
• Diuretic (enhances free flow of urine)
• Impotency
• General weakness
• Digestive / stomach disorders
• Dysentery
• Diarrhoea
• Hyperacidity
• Anorexia
• Appetizer
• Hepatic (liver) disorders
• water borne diseases
• Jaundice
• Typhoid
• Osteoporosis (improves bone density)
• Osteoarthritis
• UTI (urinary tract infections)
• Gonorrhoea
• Syphilis
• Anaemia
• Enhances platelet count
• Antimicrobial
• Immunomodulator
• Immunologic
• Immune booster
• Immunostimulant
• In liver injury due to over consumption of alcohol
• Anti HIV
• In bone fracture
• Wound healing
• Cuts
• Abbrassions
• In peptic ulcer diseases
• Antineoplastic
• Anticancer
• Hairloss
• Dandruff
• In high B.P
• Imptoves general ability in kids
• Antioxidants
• Reduces signs of aging
• Darkspots
• Pimples
• Fine lines
• Wrinkles
• For healthy disease free skin
• Snake bites
• Poisnous insect bites
• Rejuvenator
• Memory booster
• Intelligence developer
• Promotes mental clarity

▪︎How to make decoction (kaadha):

1. 10-12 leaves or finely chopped 10 cm stem in 400 ml water is reduced to one – fourth and consumed.
2. 1 tsp powder in 4 cups of water, reduced to 1 cup and then consumed.
▪︎Time to consume :
Everyday morning and evening ,empty stomach. But, short term is good. It can be used after a break of equal time.
▪︎Dose :
Not more than 3 gram per day in a healthy adult. It should not be used for kids below 5 years of age.
▪︎Available forms :
Juice, churna, tablet, capsule, extract.
▪︎Adverse effects :
Anorexia, nausea, vomitting
▪︎ Side effects :
As such no side effects, since it is a safe herb but sugar level may be decreased in diabetic patients, to be monitored closely.
▪︎ Who should not take :
It activates immune system. So it should’nt be taken in autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, etc.
Hence, it can be said to be a allrounder drug. It’s very easy to plant, can be planted anywhere, even in pots where sufficient light and air is available. I would suggest everyone, to must have it and use it.



अध्यात्म और विज्ञान : विवेचनात्मक दृष्टिकोण और प्रतिक्रिया

अध्यात्म वह ज्ञान ,वह शक्ति है जो सृष्टि के आदि से पहले, मध्य में और अंत के बाद भी रहने वाला है। जो ईश्वरीय है, वह अध्यात्मिक है। अध्यात्म ईश्वरीय सत्ता की विवेचना और उसके ज्ञान से भी ऊपर आनंद मार्ग है ।जो ज्ञान है ,जो अज्ञान है वही विज्ञान है क्योंकि वह हमेशा अपनी यात्रा को एक सीमा प्रदान करता है। पाने, खोजने, ढूंढने की लालसा ही तो विज्ञान है । अध्यात्म ज्ञान-अज्ञान से परे है ,खोजने-पाने की लालसा का अंत है।

विश्व के प्राचीनतम ग्रंथ ,चारों वेदों से ही समस्त उपनिषदों और शास्त्रों की उत्पत्ति हुई है ।समस्त चराचर जगत से संबंधित गूढ़ से गूढ़तम विषयों का ज्ञान इन वेदों में निहित है ।दुर्भाग्यवश यह समस्त ज्ञान जो हमारी सनातन संस्कृति में ,परंपरागत रूप से समाज और जीवन में स्वतः संप्रेषित थी ,वह आक्रांता ओं द्वारा लूट ली गई और जब विदेशों से किन्ही किन्ही सिद्धांतों के नाम से आने लगीं ,तो उसके ज्ञान ने हमें विज्ञानी बना दिया ।

अनंत शास्त्रों और विधाओं से भरपूर हमारे वेदों का ज्ञान ,प्रथम युग- सतयुग से ही ऋषि मुनियों द्वारा गुरुकुल में समभाव से, राजा हो या रंक, उनकी संतानों को समान रूप से दिया जात था। शरीर, मन ,आत्मा के संतुलन हेतु योग सिखाया जाता था ।अपनी मातृभूमि और संस्कृति के प्रति मस्तक तो क्या सदैव प्राण भी नतमस्तक होते थे ।जीवन में आत्मनिर्भरता हेतु समस्त विधाओं को अनेक शास्त्रों के नाम से उचित समय पर सिखाया जाता था। इन्हीं लुप्त विधाओं में से कुछ को यत्र -तत्र से एकत्रित कर अत्यंत प्राथमिक ज्ञान को ही विज्ञान नाम से पूरे संसार में सिरमौर बना दिया गया ।हम मानें या ना मानें हम शाश्वतरूपीय आध्यात्मिक हैं क्योंकि हम ईश्वरीय हैं। किंतु वैज्ञानिक होने के लिए हमें कुछ मानना तो पड़ता है, प्रमाण देना तो पड़ता है ।
विस्मयकारी तो तब होता है जब आज पूरा संसार विज्ञान के राग अलाप रहा है, तो यह क्यों नहीं पता चल पाता कि मनुष्य की औसत आयु इतनी सुविधा संपन्न होते हुए भी कम क्यों हो गई? कुछ लोग वातावरण, पर्यावरण, खानपान, प्रदूषण इत्यादि के नाम गिना सकते हैं ।तो क्या यह विज्ञान की देन नहीं है? चलो ठीक है, कोई ऐसा विज्ञान नहीं आ पाया जो मनचाही संतति दे सके औसत आयु 100 वर्ष की ।हां ,किंतु अध्यात्म इसे दे सकता है, वह भी बुद्धि, मेधा और प्रज्ञा के अतुल्य प्रकाश के साथ।

एक औसत सफल जीवन जीने के लिए महज हमारे सोलह संस्कार ही विज्ञान की हर atomic और molecular theory और principles of life को चुनौती देते हैं ।

विज्ञान ने जिन साधनों को तैयार किया है, उसने समाज को आलस्य प्रमाद से ही भरा है और उसकी आत्मनिर्भरता, परिष्करण ,आत्म, विवेचना, मानवीय मूल्यों का हरण कर लिया है ।हमने जीवन को सुंदर आत्मयात्रा से fast-forward life, रफ्तार की जिंदगी में बदल दिया है। मनुष्य के गुणों की तुलना उसके आत्म साक्षात्कार से, आत्मा की यात्रा के पथ पर बढ़ते कदम के स्थान पर, उसने कितना अर्थ संचय किया या कौन सा लौकिक पद पा लिया ,इससे होने लगी है। क्योंकि परम पद का ज्ञान विरासत में ही नहीं मिला है। मिला तो बस एक ज्ञान रफ्तार का, भागने दौड़ने का, आगे बढ़ने का, इस बात से अनभिज्ञ कि मार्ग कौन सा है?

वास्तव में जो हमारा प्राचीन विज्ञान है, जिसकी उत्पत्ति वेदों से हुई है, उससे हमारे पास उच्चतम तकनीक और दुर्गमता को सुगमता में बदलने के उत्कृष्टतम साधन थे ।किंतु आधुनिक विज्ञान ने मनुष्य को व्यक्ति में बदल डाला है ।हमारी यात्रा को दौड़ में, शांति को सफलता में, सुख को प्रमाद में, संतुष्टि को संचय में बदल दिया है। वास्तव में आध्यात्मिक विज्ञान में स्थूल और सूक्ष्म शरीर में भेद हैं, यद्यपि वह एक साथ ही रहते हैं। और हमारी सारी आत्मशक्ति इसी सूक्ष्म शरीर में निहित है ,जो जीवंत अवस्था में भी शरीर से निकलकर ब्रह्मांड की यात्रा करने में अत्यंत सक्षम है ।इसके अनेक प्रामाणिक तथ्य योगियों ने हमें विरासत में दिए हैं ।आधुनिक विज्ञान मृत शरीर को भी जीवन रक्षक प्रणाली तंत्र पर रखकर अर्थ संचय में विश्वास करता है और उसी मार्ग पर चलने की प्रेरणा भी देता है ।

जो पुरातन है, चिरंतन है, आदि मध्य और अंत से परे है, सत्य- सनातन है, जीवन में शांति कारक है, वही अध्यात्म है। जो नश्वर है, आदि मध्य और अंत से किसी भी रूप में संबंधित नहीं है, आत्मीय तत्वों से परे है ,वह विज्ञान है ।एक अलौकिक पारलौकिक है तो दूसरा लौकिक है। एक प्रेम ,शांति ,आनंद से परिपूर्ण यात्रा पथ है तो दूसरा खोजने पाने की होड़ है, अंतहीन दौड़ है।

-क्लीं राय

धर्म न्याय युद्ध करो

प्रार्थना के उज्जवल पथ पर 

निरंकुश निरअभिमान चलो , 
सतत जीवन पथ दुर्गम पर 
सत्य पुंज आलोकित करो ।
              नित्य निमित्त संशय विहीन बन 
              संग्राम रथ अविकल बनो ,
              अथक अटल विश्वास लेकर 
              धर्म न्याय नित युद्ध करो ।
अजर अमर नव प्राण निशदिन 
ऊर्जा पुंज नव घ्राण करो ,
विस्मृत आत्मसम्मान प्रकट कर 
दुर्गम उच्च पथ प्रयाण करो ।
             अभय अनंत आकाश बनकर 
             आदित्य-रथ अविराम धरो ,
             अक्षय पुंज अतुल्य विराट धर 
             अविरल अद्भुत भवसार बनो ।
                                     — क्लीं राय (जायसवाल)



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