What is Mental Health ?

Out of four important aspects – spiritual, physical, mental and social of a personality or character, mental aspect attributes to the gross mental health and hence affects the overall personality. The Spiritual aspect face the mind must be like horse of a Chariot. It should be controlled by the charioteer and should travel according to his will. “You win if mind wins and you lose if your mind loses”. मन के हारे हार है मन के जीते जीत.

The physical aspect says healthy mind stays only in a healthy body. Body gets energy from the type and quality of food you feed to it. Out of three ‘guns’ Sat ,Raj and Tam; Sat should be the gun or quality your food should owe. What you eat or drink should be definitely vibrated positively.

The social aspects, in the present days , matter is basically with the relations regarding materialistic approaches. It deals with the material graph. Success and satisfaction are totally dependent on it ,and hence an absolute mental failure.

Mental health is what keeps you lightened with connection of Supreme Power. An uninterrupted supply of energy and confidence lets you stand stable in both success and failure as the either faces of coin in your fist. Your mental ability is so vast and wide that in majority it remains undiscovered. But still you should be the ruler of your mind. Mind should not dominate you via dominating your ability and thoughts.

Let success and failure come in life, one after another. Everything is temporary and not going to last forever, just like day and night .Success brings confidence and failure gives you energy to fight even better. Failure definitely gives you a lesson and lets you know about your loopholes, where you may not fall in your future wars. It also helps you to change your style and approach towards your goal.

Now the question arises, what is the best feed for your mental health?

The best feed starts straight from YOU. You are the nearest to it. It resides in you, not you in it .Yoga, Pranayam, meditation, happy pleasant family, energetic friends, relatives and people who are appreciative to you, a regular visit to any divine place of your choice, a light, healthy and nutritious diet in surely a good mood ,your precious memories and future forecasts, your strong tendency to move on and on over all of your better experiences.

Life is a journey not a destination. You have to move on every day, every moment with all your energy, efficiency, motivations, confidence, strength without being stuck to it. Remember,”Darker is the night brighter is the morning.”

23 thoughts on “What is Mental Health ?

  1. I was brought up as a Christian but I knew there was more to life than what we were being taught. I had questions and most of the time I was told we just have to believe and have faith. After 40 years I started discovering the truth. I have tried to meditate and bought several courses on Daily OM. They helped but I feel I need much more assistance. Maybe a mentor. I listen to guided meditations on YouTube as well. It is hard to meditate and know if you are doing it right when you have spent over 50 years praying and never being taught about meditation. I am still a Christian, but I say I am an enlightened Christian. I have watched a lot of videos by Sadhguru and he is great!

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    1. After being enlightened you are more than an enlightened Christian, now you are an enlightened soul..more than any religious symbol..but still what Nasa has discovered Sound nearest to sun and of most of the celestial bodies is “Om”. I will reveal many facts on “Om” in my upcoming blogs and also the inbuilt centres in body which can be activated with meditation..stay in touch..

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