Why to Meditate ?


Part 2 – Know yourself series

Meditation is a self attained state which help us to know ourselves, our aura, our energy level and drives a desire to know beyond what we are in ,definitely, the most possible positive direction and manner. Meditation is our ancient Vedic technique of restoring our energy and bringing it to the convergence with the ultimate and Supreme source of energy, The Almighty .

Why to meditate is not a question alone, it’s a revolution that needs to be raised everyday, every moment. Meditation is that technique of power restoration which brings you to the ultimate state of innocence, where you have known non- tiring efforts to live happily and peacefully, full of energy, satisfaction, contentment, etc.


Just think of a small kid. The innocence,happiness, attraction, cheerfulness, smile, tireless urge to play, the level of energy that child possesses is the ultimate bliss; isn’t it? If you want to feel relaxed and happy you will try to play with the child, if present nearby, rather than doing something else; as the child’s company fills you with energy. Every child attracts you, draws your attention and makes you smile, even though you are in pain and grief .

The conclusion is that the child is in a state of sheer meditation without any efforts, as he is born with and we too are born with it as well. Everyone is born in a state of meditation unknowingly and effortlessly that’s why we are in need of peace and happiness.

As soon as we grow up with start learning worldly rules and push ourselves in unnecessary desires and goals.

In ancient Indian culture, where the vedic system was followed by everyone, meditation was taught right from the childhood as the most essential process of living. This was just not to get deviated from our energy level and learnt to let the energy penetrate through all our chakras. (Read my blog “Know your 7 chakras”) and hence directed to get unified with the ultimate Supreme Power.


Once all our energies are united, all our possibilities and positivities too get united. Then only they help us to turn lighter and lighter, that means free from all the negativities, which actually scatter our energy.

Once we are lighter our vibrations start raising higher and higher. We create an aura around us, which allows the entry of the energy sources (people) only which match them. One day we turn so highly vibrated that any negativity that enters our orbit turns into positivity. That is what we call our company (Sangat= संगत) and hence doublets our energy again, making us much much powerful than we could ever feel about.

Everyday meditation makes us innocent, calm, patient, happy and cheerfuland peaceful. We can realise our power and energy level, that helps us to achieve our self confidence. It continuously balances and maintains us in a state that unites us with the nature and its immense power. It makes us feel and absorb the level of concurrent vibrations, that fill us with radiant smile, happiness, blissful joy and vibrant energy with the continuous urge to raise others too, higher and higher. That’s why we should meditate every day and every moment throughout the life.



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